meditate on this

This is where it happens.  The turning point of dreaming about it to doing it. Forecasted challenges include a number of crafty creations and multimedia communication.

Of course this will be work fun work. I have decided to go with a self hosted wordpress site and challenge myself to learn how to customize it. So as I learn things will change (for the better, I trust).

I made a lovely zafu a couple weeks ago. (See pix below.) Yesterday, I started work on another zafu. It’s for a friend. Her birthday is Wednesday. I got it cut out and parts of it sewn when I reached one of those frustrating bumps in the road: the center piece does not fit.

So, I set it aside last night and turned to figuring out how to redo my website. This morning I am grateful to have successfully reinstalled wordpress (I’d messed up my site a couple weeks back and harshly locked myself out by changing a permalink setting. Then got swamped in code I barely understood)!

Today, I’m meditating on learning curves, patience and stick-with-it-ness. And, I’m glad to be here.

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