There is always surprise.

You start by forgetting everyone. Not for forever but in this moment.  So you can make a mess, not worry about the dishes or the laundry which needs to be moved to the dryer.
Allow yourself to look out the window. Not at anything in particular. The black crow is pacing back and forth, back and forth, on the green lawn. Note the jerkiness of his walk. Trust that you will do what is necessary.

You won’t realize this is a lesson you are learning. Not yet.

Begin to record moments, fancies. Some will call it childish. You may call it worthless. This is okay. Record them anyway. With a pencil, some thread and paper, paint. Choose. Decide.

This is the wonder of a line. It marks everything. It is a hieroglyph of your doubt, your mistakes, and on a good day, your effortlessness.

The same is true of words.


  1. says

    Love it! Love the simplicity of the post and what it is asking of us :) Not so simple to implement in my rushed world. Although I did stop and look out of the window and saw something that spoke directly to me :)

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