Meditation + Art :: Change in an Instant

I’ve been practicing meditation and making art for years now. Even so, it’s not easy for me to say that I meditate. Or that I’m an artist. But all that can change in an instant. Every person can change their life in an instant.
Recently, I’ve been working with removing obstacles I put in my path. Big obstacles like yeah but you’re not very good at it. Littler ones like real meditators meditate every day or artists know how to draw or whatever with my blog.
I find I can move obstacles by accepting things as they are. Instead of clamoring to change what is, I accept it. I’m not graceful. I hem and haw. I go through periods of wanting, willing it to be different than it is. I notice this. I say in that instant, “Oh look, here I am (ex. wanting to be a witty blogger).”
And I continue on. Usually still wanting something other than what is (like people to read my blog). But, accepting (this is me blogging).
I keep at it, noticing what I notice as I’m doing what I do.
When you let yourself notice what you notice without judging, change happens.
Change might not come how you expect. Or how you want. Each moment of suspending judgement and just noticing changes you. It keeps things flowing and works wonders on hard to remove things.


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    OMG! I totally love your blog and your art! And you are so right on that when we notice what is without judgment, change happens, almost miraculously. I guess it is miraculous to us as we don’t understand how our mind works. And what am i thinking when i see your yellow figure? Affectionate curiosity in a person thinking, hmmm interesting, here i go again…

  2. says

    Thanks, Shalini.

    I’ve been busy working with the wonders that are WordPress. I’m still working on my redesign for my website and am psyched with how it’s taking shape.

    I used the Yellow Weird Guy in some fabric I designed. I’m eagerly waiting for my samples to arrive.

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