Morning Prayer

An important yogic approach common to both Veda and Tantra is to approach our true Self as a Divinity. This is to honor the Divine presence within yourself—to respect your own being and consciousness as sacred, immortal and untainted. It is to contact the God or Goddess within you and seek to align your awareness, motivation and behavior according to its wisdom and grace. You are Shiva and Shakti and can find their grace by being true to your highest aspirations and deepest wishes! ~David Frawley


  1. La Femme Susan says

    Love your brilliant, colorful, soulful work! It’s so good to feel what the words are saying and I notice how Zen life is as I listen to your words. They describe each move and it truly is a blessing to move any part of the body and experience our Mother Earth. Thank you so much for sharing. Susan

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