Are you curious and ready, come what may?

reclining nude

Confession, I don’t read the paper.

Right before figure drawing I went trash-bin-diving and salvaged four pieces of newspaper to draw on. I expected to find more. But, it must have been trash day.

When you come an hour late to figure drawing on Thursdays, you get to draw free.

The trade-off is you don’t get to do one minute poses. But, tonight the moderator was generous.
one minute face

We got 6 minutes for 6 poses.

One minute drawings are crazy. Marvelous. Time works differently. So do you.

There’s no time for hemming and hawing. You do. You’re done. You look. The next one begins.

It’s adventure and meditation all wrapped up in one.
classified connections

Drawing on newspaper appeals to my mixed media aesthetic which is really about playing with circumstance.

Quick lines on newspaper redefine the page.
Sometimes there is magic in how the print works with the drawn.
figure 2

It’s a kind of upcycling.

An alchemy.
seated nude

Along with the four pieces of newspaper, I brought some collaged ground I’d made a long time ago. I tucked them in my big black artist bag that I’m not so shy to carry around any more.

Thinking, tonight’s the night. I’m going to see what comes.

And, I’ll tell you what I found, opening to what comes with curiosity helps you understand what lines are saying and how to say something with lines.

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