amanda judd
I’m a multimedia artist and a soul journeyer who can build a website, and knows a thing or two about marketing. venue X is one of my spots on the web.
For me, making art combines meditation, play and journey. It’s an iterative feedback loop which fascinates me. I delight in mixed media because it opens up possibility, easily incorporates mistakes and allows me to cultivate acceptance of what is. Plus, you get to make stuff.
I work from here, eagerly.
I got a M.Ed in Language, Learning and Technology after creating my own undergraduate major in Digital Arts because a lot of universities in 2004 didn’t know the party was jumping.
I blog about life and art here or tweet about it or, you know, post pics on instagram.
I built this website and this one over here +… you get the idea. Talk to me if you’d like help building your own.
And, if you prefer, I design things like Little Book of Beer and things you can print or read on a screen. Any size will do.
Ephemera, art I’ve made, gift tags…you can find it here.